Tuesday, May 14, 2013

The Shame Of Herman Van Ommen, a Bencher of the Law Society of British Columbia and managing Partner with McCarthy Tretrault

Herman Van Ommen
Despite his well earned reputation for destroying the careers of honest lawyers who are exposing corruption inside the legal and judicial professions of Canada, Herman Van Ommen was elected to be a "bencher" of the Law Society of British Columbia.  A "bencher" is an archaic term from medieval England that modern law societies use to confuse the public because a "bencher" is more or less the equivalent of a "directors" of a corporation but if the public were told this  they might be inclined to sue the benchers for dereliction of duty when the Law Society condones fraud, perjury, and other white collar crimes by its members which is what the Law Society of British Columbia has done and continues to do especially when these crimes are carried out by lawyers working for the government or the major law firms in Canada. .

It is argued by some observers that the Law Socirty of British Columbia is a "de facto" criminal organization and certianly none could argue that lawyers like members of certian motorcycle clubs are frequently jailed for criminal activities. 

In previous posts we have described the role of Herman Van Ommen in the case of lawyer, Karl Eisbrenner, lawyer Jack Cram, medical doctor, Dr. John David Kuntz and Water War Crimes whistleblower lawyer John Frederick Carten.

In the Editor's opinion, it is a civic disgrace that Herman Van Ommen is a bencher of a public body, the Law Society of British Columbia, established by statute to protect the interests of the public and yet he has been caught time and time again using his skills and talents to sabotage the public interest by undermining lawyers who are blowing the whistle on serious legal judicial and political corruption.